Gene Guided Precision Nutrition test for Muscle Wasting

A Unique Genetic Test Identifying a Subset of the Population with a Genetic Signature Who Break Down Muscle (Rhabdomyolysis) While Exercising

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Test Background

Up to 10% of the population has difficulty maintaining muscle mass due to variant genes. SNP Therapeutics has developed a genetic test and algorithm that can identify a subset of the population who are unable to maintain muscle mass due to SNPs preventing the proper metabolism of one carbon nutrients.

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  • Gene Guided Nutri Icon Muscle Wasting Market Opportunity

    Thirty two million americans suffer with muscle wasting. The market is forecast to grow to nearly $4Bn by 2024.

  • Gene Guided Nutri Icon Potential Markets

    SNP Therapeutics is well positioned to participate in this growing market with potential products focusing in the Sports Nutrition and Aging Consumer Health segments.

  • Gene Guided Nutri Icon Clinical Research

    SNP Therapeutics is seeking partnerships to develop clinical studies focused on identifying and treating athletes, the elderly, as well as military patient populations.

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Precision nutrition muscle wasting genetic test