Gene Guided Precision Nutrition test for Sperm Function

A Unique Genetic Test and Treatment for Men with Sperm Function Difficulties

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Test Background

SNP Therapeutics has a U.S. PATENT on a Genetic Test, Algorithm and Nutrition Treatment for ATP-Sperm Function. This Genetic test identifies a sub-population of men who are at high risk for ATP-Sperm Dysfunction due to variant genes in metabolic pathways associated with spermatic ATP (function)concentrations. Men with this SNP pattern can be treated with a patented nutritional formulation.

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  • Gene Guided Nutri Icon Male Factor Infertility

    It is estimated that 15% of couples worldwide have infertility issues and that 50% of infertility in couples worldwide is due to male factor issues.

  • Gene Guided Nutri Icon Prevalence

    Large worldwide market opportunity. There is an estimated 28 million infertile men in North America and Europe

  • Gene Guided Nutri Icon Nutritional Intervention Provides Value to Couples Desperate to Conceive

    Genetic Testing can help many couples prior to making significant investment in In Vitro Fertilization

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Precision Nutrition Sperm Function Genetic Test