Gene Guided Precision Nutrition test for NAFLD

Unique Gene Signature Predicts the Responsiveness to Nutritional Intervention. Test identifies a unique gene signature within a subpopulation that cannot efficiently export fat from their liver, especially when they begin to gain weight. The Test identifies this sub-population and predicts responders to nutritional intervention.

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Test Background

NAFLD is a leading cause of chronic liver disease and has doubled within the last decade. SNP Therapeutics has developed a genetic test and a medical nutrition treatment approach for individuals with NAFLD that may reduce the risk of disease progression for a significant subset of individuals. The genetic test has a 92% accuracy in predicting if individuals, who have a specific set of genetic polymorphisms or variants, will develop NAFLD if they do not manage their nutritional diet and weight effectively.

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  • Gene Guided Nutri Icon NAFLD Health Burden

    It is estimated that up to ¼ of the world population and 1/3 of the US and European populations may have some level of this progressive metabolic liver condition. The level of risk for disease progression for the estimated 290 million people worldwide with NAFLD is not insignificant.

  • Gene Guided Nutri Icon Disease Progression

    Studies suggest that up to 25% of NAFLD patients will get steatohepatitis with a high risk of fibrosis and cirrhosis. As with other chronic diseases, it is important to identify patients genetically pre-disposed to developing Fatty Liver allowing for early treatment. SNP Therapeutics can identify a sub-population of individuals with a genetic signature that respond to medical nutrition therapy.

  • Gene Guided Nutri Icon Status of Clinical Interventions

    There is considerable unmet need in diagnosis and treatment for NAFLD. There are currently no FDA approved treatments for NAFLD or NASH. There are a number of investigational drug candidates in various stages of development.

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NAFLD and Gene Guided Nutrition White Paper

Understanding Nutrition Metabolism and NAFLD

Identifying individuals with a unique gene signature who may be at risk for NAFLD and may be candidates for nutritional intervention may provide opportunities for early intervention

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