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Presenting The Genate Test

The World’s First Comprehensive Pre-natal Precision Nutrition Test Focused On One-Carbon & Fatty Acid Metabolism


All Moms Hope for the Best.
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The Genate Test Measures Important Pathways and Nutrients Essential for Optimal Brain and Cognitive Development

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  • Gene Guided Nutri Icon One Carbon Nutrition Metabolism

    Choline is a critical nutrient involved in many biological processes and is critical for the proper development of the brain, spinal cord, and nervous system.
    Greater than 70% of women have gene variants that create inefficiencies in synthesizing and metabolizing choline.

  • Gene Guided Nutri Icon DHA Metabolism

    DHA is an essential fat, meaning that the human body relies on dietary sources to meet its needs for this nutrient. While it is found in certain foods, SNPs in the metabolic pathways of DHA can affect a mother’s need for this nutrient.

  • Gene Guided Nutri Icon Folate Metabolism

    SNPs that affect how the body metabolizes folate can cause a 15-fold higher risk of neural tube defects. Folate and Methionine play critical roles in brain and nervous system development through their involvement in DNA synthesis, and each is related to choline and vitamin B12 because they all play roles in common metabolic pathways

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Women Want to Know

In a survey of millennial women considering pregnancy, 86% would consider buying The Genate Test to determine if they have gene variants affecting the metabolism of nutrients vital to the health and development of their baby.

836 women surveyed in market research. P<0.01

An Essential Part of Every
Woman's Pregnancy

Help Moms Understand Her Unique Needs with the Genate Test

Branded Nutrition Partners

Incorporate The Genate Test to...

  • Provide Moms with the Optimal Nutrition That Supports Her Unique Needs
  • Improve Customer Retention and Lifetime Value
  • Leverage the SNPhub™ AI Platform to Gain Insights
  • Generate Customer Referrals From SNP Therapeutics
  • Build a New Revenue Stream Providing Gene Guided Precision Nutrition to Your Customers
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Health Care Professionals

Nutrition Shouldn’t Be One Size Fits All

  • Genetic Testing Can Support Proper Levels of Nutrition Critical for Embryonic Growth and Development
  • Make the Genate Test a Part of Your Pre-natal Nutrition Recommendations
  • Contact Us to Learn How to Integrate Gene Guided Precision Nutrition into Your Practice
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The Genate Test Supports Consumer Lifetime Value

Branded Nutrition
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Engage Your Customers
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Identify Additional Nutrition Needs
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Improve Brand Loyalty and Retention
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Increase Consumption of Nutrition
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Develop Precision Nutrition Product Extensions
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The Genate Algorithm Is Built On 30 Years Of Research

The Genate SNPhub™ machine learning algorithm evaluates 317 functional and complementary SNPs to provide a comprehensive report of One-carbon and Fatty-Acid metabolism in 5 critical nutrient pathways

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Genetic Profile Score

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You are in a high risk category.

Genate Machine Learning Algorithm

5 Pathways in 1-Carbon and Fatty Acid
317 Functional and Complementary SNPs
30 Years of Nutrient Deprivation Studies Support Predictive Accuracy

1 Personalized Report

Critical Nutrient Recommendations

  • Choline

  • Omega-3

  • Folate

  • Vitamin B-12

  • Betaine

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    Fetal Brain Development

    Infant Cognitive Performance

    Maternal and Placental Health

    Post Partum Recovery

    Birth Defects

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    Taking the Test and Getting Results Is Easy to Do

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    Lab is Clia Certified. SNPhub™ Assures PII and PHI Privacy to Maintain HIPAA Compliance

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    Mom Gets Her Results

    Recommendations for Nutrition Include Engaging Your Brand on the Final Page

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    Genate Partners Secure a Highly Engaged Customer

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